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Excess deaths to be investigated by the Australian Senate

Following two years of repeated attempts by Senator Babet and the United Australia Party, yesterday the Senate finally voted in favour of investigating excess deaths. 


For the past few years Australians have been dying in excess numbers without adequate explanation. 


Excess mortality is not just a transitory phenomenon. In 2022 we experienced our highest excess death rate since World War Two. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisional mortality statistics released last month confirm that to November 2023 there were 15,114 or 10% more deaths than the baseline average. 


Senator Babet’s successful motion means that the Community Affairs References Committee will be tasked with the job of investigating the factors contributing to excess mortality.


Submissions will be requested from the general public with public hearings expected to follow. The committee will prepare a report by 31st August 2024. 


"Fifth time's the charm! This is the fifth time I have moved a motion on excess deaths. Finally, the Senate has agreed that an investigation is warranted," Senator Babet said. 


"My motion to investigate excess deaths was supported by the majority of Senators, with 31 Ayes against 30 Noes. 


"This appears to be a world first inquiry for what is a global issue. 


"I'd like to thank Senator Pocock and Senator Lambie for co-sponsoring the motion as well as One Nation, Senator Thorpe, Senator Tyrell and the Coalition for voting in favour. 


"Only the Labor party and the Greens decided to vote against my motion to investigate the issue of excess deaths. So much for the transparency promised by the Albanese Labor government. 


"May this committee process give a voice to the family members of the deceased and deliver the answers that our nation so desperately needs," Senator Babet said. 

This is a major breakthrough and a testament to Senator Babet's sheer determination to fight for transparency, accountability and justice. Bravo Senator!

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

The members of this Community Affairs References Committee are: 

  • Chair Senator Janet Rice Australian Greens, VIC;  
  • Deputy Chair Senator Marielle Smith Australian Labor Party, SA;  
  • Senator Wendy Askew Liberal Party of Australia, TAS;  
  • Senator Hollie Hughes Liberal Party of Australia, NSW;  
  • Senator Maria Kovacic Liberal Party of Australia, NSW;  
  • Senator Louise Pratt Australian Labor Party, WA.


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