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Victoria freed from tyranny. Dictator Dan sees the writing on the wall

United Australia Party Senator for Victoria Ralph Babet says the news today that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is resigning from his position (effective 5pm Wednesday) is huge relief for the state of Victoria. 


Senator Babet spoke of his “overwhelming joy” upon hearing the news as Victorians continue to ponder the perilous condition of their state. 


“I haven’t felt so much joy since I was a five-year-old waking up on Christmas Day,” Senator Babet said. 


“When I think of Dan and his governance of our state, I have not one positive word to say. His resignation is nine years too late. He has left a trail of economic and social destruction that we may never overcome. We’re flat broke because of him.


“Victorians will never forget the sadistic brutality of Labor Premier Dan Andrews and Victoria will immediately be a better place without him at the helm. May this be the end of the woke socialist regime in our state of Victoria. 


“He locked us down for longer than any other people in the world. In my opinion, he acted like a tyrant who trampled on basic human rights. We will ensure that he is ultimately held to account for his actions. 


“This megalomaniac locked down our state for a shocking 262 days and yet excess mortality in Victoria was the second highest in Australia, topped only by Tasmania. 


“School closures in Victoria had a devastating effect on children. More than 50 per cent suffered a decline in mental health, almost twice the national average. 


“Andrews bullied and demonised unvaccinated Victorians. He resigns two days before the second anniversary of Victorian police shooting rubber bullets at peaceful protesters, even as they fled in terror. 


“For everyone who is suffering from post-tyranny stress disorder, please reach out for help. This man has caused immeasurable pain which many of us are still suffering today,” Senator Babet said.


Authorised by C. Palmer for the United Australia Party, Avica, 153 Gooding Drive, Merrimac, QLD 4226.

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